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A well-equipped & well-managed library is the foundation of modern educational structure.

School libraries serve as Learner Oriented Laboratories which support,extend & individualize the school's curriculum.

Size of the Library In sq.feet


No. of Periodicals


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Football Academy is organised for In-house students and is open to outsiders.

  • At Superhouse Sports Academy we cater to specially designed sport programs in Cricket, Football, Basketball,Tennis, Volleyball and Swimming. We have best class infrastructure for cricket like big and lush green cricket ground, international standard match pitch practice pitches for net sessions, dedicated knocking zones, specialized training equipment etc. the academy has internal Basketball court. We have a dedicated arena for Skating. Beside that we have indoor facility for Badminton and Basketball.


    1. Structured friendly matches on Weekends/Holidays
    2. Superhouse Tournaments
    3. Participation in local tournaments
    4. Participation in outstation tournaments
    5. Summer/ Winter Camp
Learning by doing is the hallmark of DPS. Being in tune with the demands of the time, we are now imparting education through Digital smart classes which facilitate better comprehension and learning and reiterate the fact that technology is now an integral part of the school system.
The School has  a fine transport system. The children may avail the school bus facility. The norms of  safety and security are strictly adhered to. The teachers accompany the students in the bus  so they are well taken care of.

Transport Charges



0 to 3

4600/- Qtr

3 to 8

4900/- Qtr

8 to 12

5900/- Qtr

12 to 16

6600/- Qtr

The school infirmary is well equipped with beds for students.

They are further aided with a qualified nurse who is 

experienced in providing first aid, assisting students with 

specific medical conditions and providing health care to 

students with additional medical requirements.